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Star lover (2nd Dec 22 at 1:24am UTC)
It's just killing people. Besides, it's not doing it yourself. What are you afraid of. Mobile phone novel station w a p. Thinking of this, his expression became firm again, and he fought for tomorrow. "Don't worry," he said. "I won't ask you to kill anyone. Just break his tendons. We are civilized people. "Ha ha.". Yes, we are civilized people. A whole busload of people burst into laughter. Three cars pulled up side by side. Blocking the road. A textbook drift. Zhou Heng parked his car in front of several Volkswagen cars and gently stroked his hair. He naturally stepped out of the car. These guys are so slow that they didn't catch up until now. Don't talk nonsense. Let's go together. I'm very busy. Zhou Heng got out of the car and walked to the front of two or three Volkswagen cars, stretched himself and said. The goatee man had just got out of the car and was going to arrange an excuse to bluff the man and get some pocket money. Unexpectedly, the guy was faster than them. A cool drift made them dizzy for a while. They were wondering if such a good car would go back. As soon as he came up, he gave others a blow. Moreover, he, an ugly man, was very arrogant. It took a lot of courage to say this to more than a dozen people. I don't know whether he thought he was a cow or a fool. The goatee man was specially invited to help Lan Ruofeng deal with those disobedient people. This was his first activity in Huahai City. He wanted to show mercy to this boy, but now it seems unnecessary. Good, enough courage and insight, but I don't like others to be more courageous than me in my life. I'm in a good mood today. I'll leave you a whole corpse. Said the goatee man, and a group of younger brothers who had just come out of the car began to clamor, but their morale was not very high,heavy duty cantilever racks, after all, it was a bit of a loss of face to call them so many people for one. But if you have money to earn, what do you want to do with face? Vulgar. Xiao Wu in the car was slightly stunned. Is this guy really so confident about his skill? This group of people invited by Lan Ruofeng are wanted criminals in exile everywhere. Who hasn't killed people, set fires, and wretched little girls? Although Zhou Heng is a little more skillful, he can't stand so many people together. All the way to see the first Chinese website WWW. Yunxuange. Com,heavy duty rack manufacturers, but he was wrong, and his underwear was all wrong. What Zhou Heng did was the same as what he said. There was no extra nonsense. He came up and kicked the bald man who was closest to him into the car. Suddenly, a pig-like cry sounded in the open field. The goatee man did not expect this guy to be so ruthless, and immediately cut the past with a horn knife. But saw that the man's face is still hanging a sneer, see his heart a hair, but the body has not listened to the control of the past. At the same time, several people who had just got off the car rushed over at the fastest speed. Zhou Heng did not feel nervous at all. In order not to let the car get bloody, Zhou Heng decided to take the initiative. Although these people are outlaws, but compared to those retired special forces, there is still a big gap, how can Zhou Heng take it seriously. In the blink of an eye, the figure swayed and came to the goatee man who rushed to him with a horn knife. With a little tiptoe and one side of his body, shuttle rack system ,warehouse storage racks, the man who rushed over flew a few meters away. The horn knife unexpectedly came to Zhou Heng's hand. Everything happened between the sparks of calcium carbide, and several people who rushed did not even know what had happened, but saw their eldest brother fly out upside down, hit the windshield of the Volkswagen hard, twitched a few times and slowly climbed up. Yes, the body is still strong. Let's go together. If you have any guy, you can use it. Don't mention it. Zhou Heng slightly looked appreciatively at the man with a goatee, secretly saying that he was a talented person, but unfortunately, even if he did not make a move, I am afraid he could not see the sun tomorrow.
The younger brothers saw the eldest brother face to face, the heart is extremely surprised, their eldest brother has practiced kungfu before, even if he is a little more powerful in these people, can not imagine that he has not been beaten down. The fear in my heart increased a little. Speaking of the real fear, nothing is more than Comrade Wu in the car. Originally, he was worried that these people had no sense of propriety and that it would be bad to kill them. But now it seems that he is really ridiculous. I'm afraid he should be worried about himself. Hearing Zhou Heng's words, several people could not control so much, and rushed over together with a machete. Some people can not help but regret not carrying a gun, originally thought to deal with a person need not be laborious, now regret is also late. Seeing someone timid, a tall guy shouted, "If he scolds the one next door, kill him." "It's wrong to call people names." Zhou Heng finished with a sneer, and a bright light flashed. They looked back and saw that the boss's horn knife had been inserted into the big man's heart and died. A big living person so played out, a feeling of terror permeated the hearts of several people, more angry. They have already had enough of life on the run, and death may be a relief for them. Come on, brothers, revenge for the eldest brother. Several people waved their machetes and rushed up together. Zhou Heng looked slightly stunned, but he did not stop at his feet. With a sudden effort, he jumped into the Volkswagen car, which was the one Xiao Wu was sitting in. At this time, Xiao Wu is particularly calm, but with a touch of regret in his eyes. He was not afraid of death, but he did not want to die in the United States. He had just seen the light, but he was going to step into the darkness forever. He gradually closed his eyes and heard the sound of killing pigs around him outside, but his mood became particularly empty. It was an unprecedented feeling, and he didn't even know that waiting for death was like this. It was true that he had miscalculated this time,industrial racking systems, but no one would have thought that this man was simply a devil who killed people without blinking. After all, the world is still real, and this kind of thing beyond imagination can not be easily seen by these ordinary people.
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