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Seal Throne _ _ Infinite Fiction Network _ www.55x (2nd Dec 22 at 2:03am UTC)
Xu Zhongliang gasped, no matter how he did not believe, also did not open his mouth to question Long Haochen, because he knew very well that even an imperial hunting regiment leader here would never play such a joke with the warrior temple. If it's really just a joke, it's too much damage to the warrior temple. No one can afford it. Colonel Long, you, you.. Xu Zhongliang did not know how to express his current mood. Of course, he hoped that all this was true, but the head of the dragon was too young. Long Haochen raised his right hand and said earnestly, "I just came from the Holy City with my team's partners.". I don't know if you have got the news from the Warrior Temple. About a few months ago, there was a story in the Holy City that the sword used by the elder in the past had not been awakened. Xu Zhongliang obviously felt his heart beat faster, of course they heard about it, and the warrior temple sent a deputy temple leader to investigate the matter personally. However, when Ye Weiyang, a descendant of Ye Shuai, was found, Ye Weiyang refused to reveal who had obtained the heavy sword of Ye Shuai. He only said that if that person was willing, he would naturally contact the Warrior Temple. And Excalibur has recognized that man as the Lord, because that man is a knight,stainless steel tile edging, so it is impossible to return to the Warrior Temple. This incident shocked the high level of the warrior temple, but as a descendant of the night commander, they could not be forced in any case. He could only secretly look for the knight who inherited the Aria of the Light Goddess of the Night Sword. Even ask the Knight Temple to cooperate. It's just that months have passed, and that one has never shown up. At this moment, listening to Long Haochen mentioned this matter, Xu Zhongliang's shock can be imagined. And what shocked him more was yet to come. 。 Xu Zhongliang saw Long Haochen's right hand, a completely golden right hand, the soft golden light quietly rose,aluminium tile trim profiles, and then, an awe-inspiring sword suddenly blossomed. The golden sword was already held high above his head, and the spirit beads at the tip of the sword emitted brilliant golden light. The meaning of the sword was not only emitted from the sword, but also spread from Long Haochen. The impact on Xu Zhongliang at that moment was too great. Just standing there, what Long Haochen brought to him was a kind of unrivaled combination of man and sword. You know, as the deputy leader of Kuangzhan Hall, Xu Zhongliang's own spiritual power is more than ninety thousand, and he is a strong man at the peak of the eighth order. But at this moment, facing Long Haochen, he had a very small feeling. Not only him, but all the people who were passing through the hall of the Warrior Temple stopped because of the sudden golden light. Of course they don't have any hostility. It's a light attribute. It can't be an enemy. Then the monstrous sword made everyone dull. At this moment, they even had the illusion that the figure blooming with light was the real statue of Ye Shuai, while the tall figure on the other side was just a dead thing. The contrast was so strong that the overbearing sword seemed to pierce the dome of the warrior's temple, aluminum tile edge trim ,stainless tile trim, and the figure of the sword in one was so tall. After nearly a year of seclusion, Long Haochen's harvest can be imagined. What he inherited from nature is not only the sword itself of the Aria of the Goddess of Light, but also its meaning. At the same time, he also fused the meaning of the sword with his understanding of the sword that repelled Po when he was awakened by God. Formed its own unique meaning of the sword. Undoubtedly, this is the help brought to him by the powerful talent of the God. To be exact, the sword meaning displayed by Long Haochen at this time is different from that of the night without injury, and it is far from being compared with the understanding that the night without injury is completely attached to the sword. However, what he holds in his hand is the aria of the goddess of light, with the help of the sword, how can he not shake the whole temple of warriors? Xu Zhongliang was the first to chant to the goddess of light and performed the highest soldier's etiquette, followed by all the soldiers present who saluted respectfully. The golden light converges, the aria of the goddess of light disappears in the hands of Long Haochen, and the strong sword also disperses. Looking at Long Haochen's burning eyes, Xu Zhongliang nodded forcefully, "Colonel Long, please wait a moment, I will report to the Lord immediately." With that, he immediately turned and hurried away.
Long Haochen still stood in place, silently watching the statue in front of him, although the statue did not have the sword meaning of the light sword God, but his tragic breath across the battlefield deeply touched Long Haochen's heart. Vaguely, he had a different understanding of his own sword. This trip to the Soldier's Temple is obviously not because of the military chief of the Star Search City. It's just a little thing by the way. The more important thing of his trip is to return the sword of the night to the temple of warriors. That's why he insisted on seeing the Lord of the Warrior Temple. Time is not long, from the stairs on one side of the hall, more than a dozen people filed down, walking in the front, is an old man in a golden robe. The old man has a full head of silver hair, but between the steps of the dragon and the tiger, he gives people a strong pressure like a mountain. Xu Zhongliang and some other soldiers with strong breath followed the old man and went straight to Long Haochen. The gold-robed old man's face was full of excitement, and he strode to Long Haochen's side, but Long Haochen seemed not to have seen him, still staring at the statue of the thousand-year-old sword. Xu Zhongliang was about to open his mouth, but the golden old man raised his hand to stop him. The old man's eyes flashed a trace of splendor. He turned to signal everyone to keep silent and not to disturb Long Haochen. He himself stood beside Long Haochen, looking at the handsome young man. Nearly half an hour later, Long Haochen suddenly shone in his eyes, stepped forward with his left foot, waved his right hand forward like lightning, and faintly, a faint golden light flashed away. A long sigh full of pleasure came out of his mouth, and the next moment, the whole hall suddenly remembered a sharp roar. The roaring sound disappeared in a flash, but the senior members of the warrior temple standing aside were all surprised, and they all clearly felt the tragedy when Long Haochen's right hand split out. There is no fluctuation of spiritual power, just pure sword. Who is this young man? "You are Long Haochen?" The gold-robed old man finally spoke, and there was a tremor in his voice. Long Haochen was startled,aluminium edge trim, only to find that his side was already full of people, hurriedly turned around, just in time for the emotional eyes of the gold-robed old man.
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