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Shangguan Ding Golden Knife Pavilion (14th Dec 22 at 1:08am UTC)
The old monk said in a deep voice, "Haven't you got rid of your shameful old habit for twenty years?" The man just smiled coldly! And does not answer. The old monk suddenly sighed and said, "I haven't seen you for twenty years. The Central Plains is completely different. I've come all the way to the east. I can't help sighing." The man in gray suddenly gave a deep sigh, "It's hard to open your heart. You don't realize the Dharma. You haven't put down half of your kungfu for many years." Points.. Suddenly, the old monk seemed to be filled with a heroic spirit. He looked up to the sky and said with a laugh, "It's easy to say. Your flying skills have arrived." It has never been done before. Just as he was speaking, suddenly the wooden door silently flashed in again, and Du Tianlin saw it at a glance, only to see the man. With a green robe and a green scarf on his face, Du Tianlin took a look. Only feel a burst of crazy beating in the heart, almost can't help blurting out, it is oneself! I once met the leader of the Golden Snake Sect! The man in Tsing Yi glanced and saw Du Tianlin and He Yun in his arms. Although his face was covered with a cloth towel, he could not see his watch. Love, but Du Tianlin can still perceive that he seems to be greatly unexpected, eyes stopped, and then slowly moved away. In a hurry, Du Tianlin couldn't figure out why, but when he saw the man in Tsing Yi turn around and point to the back of the man in gray, he was cold. "I've been chasing you for five days and five nights," said Leng. "You must be the leader." Du Tianlin was so shocked that he could not speak. Wolf Bone in Grey Clothes. It turned out that this man was the first of the three wonders in the world. Still with his back to the door, the man in gray smiled coldly and said,ultrasonic molten metal, "Your Excellency has been chasing the old man for five days and five nights. Why on earth is it now?" It can always be explained. With a sneer, the leader of the Golden Snake Sect turned his eyes sideways and looked at Zen Buddhism and the two disciples around him, still with a cold mouth. "I don't know what to call this master," he said angrily, word by word. As soon as the Zen monk closed his eyes, he replied in a deep voice, "The old monk understands the nature. Since the benefactor is covering his face with a towel, there must be something unspeakable. The old monk doesn't." May I ask your name? His words were open and aboveboard and reasonable,ultrasonic cutting machine, and the leader of the Golden Snake Sect had repeatedly said that he did not seem to have heard of this "understanding." In the name of silence. It turned out to be a conflict between Zen Buddhism and the man in gray. At this time, the leader of the Golden Snake Sect was inserted, and the situation became complicated. All of them froze on the spot and were silent. The Golden Snake Sect Leader's eyes slowly moved from the Zen face to the back of the man in gray, and then stayed on Du Tianlin's face. Du Tianlin only felt that his two eyes were full of indifference and self-esteem, as if they looked down on people. At this time, Du Tianlin once again found that the eyes of the leader of the Golden Snake Sect were deeply staring at He Yun, whom he was supporting. He Yun, who is still in a coma at the moment, has been hit by the Zen "fan" formula to confuse the mind. The leader of the Golden Snake Sect looked at it for a while and seemed to be Thinking about one thing and unable to think about it, Du Tianlin felt a flash of yearning in his heart. He thought to himself, "Is it difficult for the leader of the Golden Snake Sect to know Brother He?" Brother? His yearning had not diminished, and the leader of the Golden Snake Sect had already stepped forward and said to Du Tianlin, "Hey, what on earth are you?" What man? Du Tianlin was slightly stunned. He did not expect that the leader of the Golden Snake Sect would take the initiative to ask him, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic cutting machine, but when he saw him, he was full of contempt. Can not help but some unhappy, he is cautious, only to take the opportunity to inquire about the relationship between the leader of the Golden Snake Sect and He Yun, in order to suppress the heart. Unconvinced, he nodded his head slightly and said, "My surname is Du, and my character is Tianlin." With a hum, the leader of the Golden Snake Sect pointed at He Yun and said coldly, "What is your relationship with this man?" The tone was very cold, but Du Tianlin had doubts in his heart. At this time, he noticed that the eyes of the leader of the Golden Snake Sect revealed a little. The color of anxiety. Du Tianlin's heart moved and he deliberately answered, "Why do you ask this question?"? Can't you get to know your companions? The man in Tsing Yi paused slightly and seemed to think a little in his mind. Then he said coldly, "You're right." Du Tianlin gave a cry. Unexpectedly, He Yun had something to do with the mysterious leader of the Golden Snake Sect. This was a big surprise to himself. Unexpectedly, no wonder she always looks hesitant whenever she mentions the leader of the Golden Snake Sect.
His thoughts flashed in his heart, but his mouth answered slowly: "Not long after I made friends with this brother, I passed by here together today, only to start fighting in a muddle." Come here He still called He Yun "brother", which meant that he did not know her identity as a woman, and the Tsing Yi people saw him speak half of the voice. After a pause, he snorted coldly, "But when you started fighting, your'brother 'was hurt, wasn't he?" Du Tianlin saw that his tone became more and more crazy, and his heart was so angry that he could hardly help waiting for the exit to be insolent, but he managed to hold back. I didn't say it, I just ignored it. No matter whether he answered or not, the leader of the Golden Snake Sect sneered again, "How many people are here? Which one hurt this one?" A'brother ', surnamed Du, you show me. He spoke aside, his eyes moving around, and his arrogance could not be seen from the part of his face that showed his green scarf. But he was already talking to himself invisibly, and his eyes were exposed. The eminent Zen monk suddenly called out the name of the Buddha and said in a deep voice, "This benefactor's words are too serious." The leader of the Golden Snake Sect turned around and said coldly, "What can I do for you, Master?" The Zen Master lowered his eyes and said, "You should know that you can't take back your words. Almsgiver, you should be careful." The leader of the Golden Snake Sect was slightly stunned, as if he couldn't figure out why the old monk suddenly lost his temper with himself. Looking at the two young people behind the old monk, one of their faces showed the color of pain, and immediately realized that it must be the old monk who fought with He Yun. Fight each other. His eyes flashed and he said in a stern voice, "So this little friend was hurt in the hands of the master.." The Zen monk shook his head and said, "Almsgiver, that's not true. The old monk is dying. How could he do anything to such a little friend?" With a snort, the leader of the Golden Snake Sect looked at the "Pingjiang" behind the Zen Sect and the injured sixth brother,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, and walked slowly to Du Tianlin's side. Grab He Yun's arm. Du Tianlin knew that he wanted to investigate the severity of He Yun's injury, so he didn't say much. The leader of the Golden Snake Sect explored for a while, and gradually looked at him. Show the color of doubt.
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