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Ming Dysprosium Wind and Cloud Record-Liang Yushen (14th Dec 22 at 1:18am UTC)
"Where are you running?" The old man shouted. I could only hear the sound of the bamboo stick touching the ground, and in a twinkling of an eye, the figure of Xin Shisigu was already a hundred paces away. The old man in Tsing Yi let out a long roar and said, "Well, I'll compare my flying skills with yours." After he said this, everyone thought he was going to catch up with him immediately, but he was leisurely walking, not as angry as Xin Shi-gu, as if he had a plan in mind and was sure to win. It turned out that he was a great expert in martial arts. Although Aunt Xin was running very fast, she showed him the problem of lack of stamina. That's because Aunt Xin 14 and Meng Qiniang fought first. At this time, the fierce fight between Shi Leng and Qiao Xinjiang had gradually separated the strong from the weak. Qiao Tuojiang used the sword that cut iron like mud to finish the wind-splashing sword of 8864 routes, but he could not take advantage of Shi Leng at all. Shi Leng's "tiger support" refers to the east and west, the south and north, and grabs more than 70% of the offensive. The old man in Tsing Yi passed by Shi Leng. Suddenly he laughed and said, "So you, the wild herbalist, are still alive in the world." "I didn't think you were still alive," said Shi Leng with a smile. When Qiao Tuojiang saw that the two of them knew each other, he was shocked. Fortunately, the old man in Tsing Yi swept over in a gust of wind and did not help Shi Leng. Qiao Tuojiang took advantage of Shi Leng to turn his head and talk to the old man in Tsing Yi, then he made a killer and cut off his shoulder with a knife. Shi Leng had expected him to have this, and he was going to sell him this "flaw". Just heard the sound of "Dang", sparks flying, Shi Leng's "Tiger Support" backhand sweep, "Tiger Support" gave Burmese Dao a gap, but the steel claw on the "Tiger support" tore Qiao Tuojiang's clothes. Fortunately, Qiao Zhejiang was able to dodge quickly, otherwise he would have been disemboweled. Shi Leng had the advantage, while Gu Xiaofeng and Han Peiying joined hands to fight with Shi Tianze, but they were still at a slight disadvantage. When the old man in Tsing Yi passed by them, he suddenly stopped and looked at them. "What a swordsmanship!" He exclaimed. "You must be Gu Xiaofeng." Gu Xiaofeng could not tell the spirit to speak. He could only nod his head. He was very surprised: "I have never seen this elder. How could he know me?" Before I knew it, I heard the old man say, "Xin Longsheng once owed you a favor. I know that." Speaking of the word "know", he suddenly waved his sleeve. At this time, Gu Xiaofeng just used a long sword of "White Rainbow Penetrating the Sun" to thrust forward; Shi Tianze took a "knee-hugging step" and captured it with his back arm. Gu Xiaofeng's sword point had already fallen through, but with a flick of the sleeve wind and a flick of the sword tip, it just turned to the direction where Shi Tianze was moving. Master fight, only a tiny difference, Shi Daze to avoid the move into the move, this is just right, but this just to Gu Xiaofeng's sword point stabbed. The old man in Tsing Yi cheered loudly and said, "Shaoxia Gu, what a move! The white rainbow penetrates the sun. It's really awesome and delightful.". Shi Tianze, you lost to Gu Shaoxia. If you are not convinced, just come to me. Hey hey, I don't have time to see you make a fool of yourself now. I'm sorry, don't accompany me! He still took his time, as if he were walking, Agate Stone Price ,white marble slabs, but he walked very fast. Speaking of the word "little accompany", he had already turned the mountain depression and disappeared. Gu Xiaofeng stabbed Shi Dahan with "divine help", of course, not "divine help", but the old man in Tsing Yi secretly helped him with his superb martial arts. Gu Xiaofeng certainly understood, Shi Daze also knew. But what Gu Xiaofeng didn't understand was why he wanted to help himself like this. He thought to himself, "Listen to his tone. He helped me because he wanted to repay me.". But as he said, it is Xin Longsheng who owes me a favor. Why should he repay Xin Longsheng? Shi Tianze secretly called out, "What a close call!" "Fortunately," he thought, "I didn't hurt a vital part. With this old man's martial arts, if he had used a killer just now, I'm afraid I would have been seriously injured even if I didn't die." It turned out that the reason why the old man in Tsing Yi did not kill him was to make Gu Xiaofeng famous and let him defeat Tianze, the first master in the underworld. Moreover, with his martial arts and identity, if he wants to kill Shi Tianze, he can only fight with Shi Daze alone, not when he fights with others. Since he is only to repay Gu Xiaofeng a favor, so secretly help, it can only help "just right".
However, although this sword did not hurt Shi Tianze's vital point, it was injured in his right arm "Quchi point", "Quchi point" was injured, and one arm was also unable to move. At this time Shao Xianghua and Yang Jiemei double sword combination, also has killed Zhong Wuba to shout loudly, he has a body of strength, also can only parry. It turned out that after he was injured by Shi Leng, he couldn't jump well. Shao and Yang used the method of fighting around their bodies. As soon as there was a flaw to be found, they attacked him in a storm. When there was nothing to attack, they immediately retreated. This kind of fighting style has the gist of "using one's own strong points to attack the enemy's weak points." Zhong Wuba suffered losses because he was unable to jump, and naturally he had no alternative. Meng Qiniang gasped for breath. She stood up slowly and gave the dragon's head crutch a heavy beating. She said in a deep voice, "Shi Tianze, you bully my juniors. I'd like to see what you can do."? Pei Ying, you stand down and let me send this fellow to you! In fact, her internal force has not yet recovered, but only a false threat. But Shi Tianze at this time with one enemy two, is already at a disadvantage, how dare to continue to fight? What's more, he only knew that Meng Qiniang's martial arts were comparable to Xin Shisigu's, but he didn't know that she was now a spent force. Li Tianze let out a long roar, and the three men on their side fled at the same time. Zhong Wuba was so angry that he kicked a big tree down with a "boom". Shao Xianghua and Yang Jiemei were about to chase him, but he was startled. Shi Leng said with a smile, "Don't chase the poor bandits. Let him go." When everyone gathered together, Han Peiying took out her handkerchief and wiped the blood from the corners of Meng Qiniang's mouth. "Are you all right, Qiniang?" She said? This time, thanks to you, you laid down your life to protect me from that temptress. I've been wrong about you before. I'm sorry. With a smile on her face, Meng Qiniang said, "Good boy, as long as you know that I am good to you, I will be very happy.". But this time it was thanks to the old man in Tsing Yi. Too bad I don't know who he is. "Uncle Shi,Stone Honeycomb Panel," said Gu Xiaofeng, "you and he are old friends, aren't you?" 。
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